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Thank You For 2016

We would like to thank all our customers for their continuing support of 202 Jewellery.

We are proud of our customer focused initiatives, so much so, we have engraved them into our 202 Jewellery’s DNA, and once again, we are proud to announce the Thank You for 2016 promotion..

This now yearly Thank You event is our way of thanking 202 Jewellery’s most loyal scheme’s members.  We do so by giving to each of the 120 (one hundred & twenty) members of the 202 Jewellery Loyalty Scheme members that collected most points during 2016 a Special Free Gift.

All the points earned by each members of the 202 Jewellery Loyalty Scheme during 2016 counted towards this promotion, even if the points were redeemed for vouchers during the year.

Until the 31st December 2016, every member of the 202 Jewellery Loyalty Scheme could directly influence their standing and by increasing their points gained, they could directly affect the possibility of receiving an even better Gift.  


Top Clients Lists as at 27th December 2016