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Chamilia Disney
The DISNEY® Collection.
Dreams Really Do Dome True



Founded in 2002, Chamilia is part of the World’s Largest Jewellery Company - Swarovski.Chamiliais the fastest-growing personalized brand in the world.


The superior quality and Chamilia’s Hand finished Jewellery and unique designs have not only been recognisied by the fashionista and the aficionados of personlaised jewellery but Chamilia’sspecial qualities are recognized by arguably the World’s biggest and best known brand – Disney®.



Disney® has the power to transport you back to the happiest place on earth - to the most magical time of your life and to bring out the little girl in you.



The Disney© Chamilia collection including bracelets, necklaces, beads and earrings will constantly remind you of the value of innocence, laughter, and dreams.


Chamilia’s exclusive partnership with Disney© makes these dream come true by featuring the best known of Disney’s characters including, Cinderella, Thinker Bell, Winnie the Pooh and the first lady of Disney© Minnie Mouse.



Whether you prefer your Chamilia 925 solid silver beads to be embellished with bright-colored enamel, brilliant SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS or swirling Italian Murano glass, the Disney-Chamilia Collection is perfect for adding a touch of your childhood to your Chamilia story while capturing your inner style.



Choose from a beautiful assortment of whimsical hanging beads, Jeweled Tinker Bell, fabulous Princess crown or a sparkling reminder of Disney’s motto, that dreams really do come true.