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If EVER there was a watch brand custom-made to fit any rugged sport, Edox watches are definitely at the forefront.


With its 130-year-old history, the Swiss brand is well known for its precision, performance and innovation.


Edox’s story began back in 1883 with a simple tale of love. Christian Rüefli-Flury, an exceptionally gifted watchmaker, decided to give his wife, Eva-Maria, a pocket watch that he had designed himself for her 25th birthday.


Touched and impressed by the beauty of the gift, Eva-Maria persuaded her husband to start his own watchmaking company in 1884.


He named the company “Edox”, meaning “hour” in ancient Greek, and the hourglass logo has adorned all Edox watches ever since.


A major success of the Swiss Jura-based watchmaker is probably the famous Les Bémonts Ultra Slim, a timepiece featuring the slimmest calendar quartz movement. This world record is still unbroken to this day.


Since then, the brand has been producing fine, precision timepieces, having been the Official Time Keeper of the World Rally Car Championship (WRC) and is now the official timekeeper for the Extreme Sailing Series (ESS), Dakar Rally Raid and Class-1 World Powerboat Championships.


Edox attributed its classic watches to the birthplace of Swiss watch craftsmanship, Les Genevez, Les Bémonts and Les Vauberts in Switzerland. Paying tribute to its home ground, Edox puts all nostalgia for a gone-by-era in the Les Genevez collection. Edox is strongly linked to Les Bémonts, a small forest located near Les Genevez, and represent its heritage of the craftsmanship. The design of this collection is timeless, classical, with pure and simple lines. Les Vauberts is a small area near Les Genevez, famous for having hosted the pioneers of today’s watchmaking industry more than 300 years ago. The design of Les Vauberts is elegant, classic, and and features reliable mechanical or powerful quartz Swiss-made movements.