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DYRBERG/KERN wаѕ born from thе cоllаboratіon іnvolvіng twо trеnd settіng diamond dеsignеrѕ, Gіttе Dуrbеrg аnd Henning Kеrn.

Their vision is certainly one of high fashion and attractiveness. They create modern, luxurious jewellery with simplicity and excellent.


Gitte DYRBERG and Henning KERN met in 1985 and in the beginning they designed women’s clothes with matching accessories. The design duo showed their first fashion show in 1987 when they graduated from Copenhagen School of Design.


After 3 years Henning KERN and Gitte DYRBERG decided to focus only on fashion jewellery. In 1997 DYRBERG/KERN was nominated for the Gazelle award for the first time. In 2001 DYRBERG/KERN received the King Frederik IX’s Award for Excellence in Export. In 2004 the company received the award Entrepreneur of the Year.


Designed in Copenhagen, Denmark, DYRBERG/KERN products are created by hand using materials such as pearls, stones, crystals and leather sourced from Italy, China, Africa and all over the world. Strictly following both Danish and international laws concerning heavy metals, such as Nickel, Lead, Mercury and Cadium, this designer jewellery cares for you and the environment.


Designer jewellery to modern and confident women.