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In 1920 a watchmaker Jacques Beaufort founded his watchmaking company called ELYSEE in a small village close to Bémont (Swiss Jura).  40 years later, ELYSEE moved it’s watch making to Germany, the country with the greatest tradition in precise mechanical engineering, where it continues to produce this brand of exquisite mechanical and quartz timepieces.  ELYSEE proudly brandishes it’s MADE in GERMANY credentials.


ELYSEE found its soul amongst historic motor sports, with its association with the Legend that is Graf Berghe von Tripsa name that all Formula One and Ferrari aficionados should know and respect.  The Limited Edition bearing the name of one of the most successful Formula One racing drivers in the post-war era established, has engraved the ELYSEE name in the art of Horlogerie.


In recent years other high profile Formula One racing drivers became living ambassadors for the brand, including, Jochen Mass.


At the core of ELYSEE proud tradition in watchmaking is the sum total of design, quality, mechanical precision and equivalent value, naturally interwoven with the wishes of watch-lovers.


An ELYSEE mechanical watch is alive…that is what sets it apart from the precision of the quartz watch.  It’s kept alive by its beating heart – the balance wheel.