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Spinning Jewelry

Spinning Jewelry design, manufacture and market cool, fashionable and stylish modern jewelry made from genuine materials at affordable prices and have been doing so since 1985.


Spinning Jewelryis proud of its Danish high-quality design that mixes classic materials in solid silver, gold, real pearls and sparkling stones.


Excelling in making jewellery with a heart and a soul, and jewellery that always lives up to the highest quality standards for both materials and design. Spinning Jewelry is extremely popular in its native Denmark, and in most countries around the world.


Spinning Jewelry’s universe is based on the principle that you should be able to create the exact look that matches you and your mood - every day, every occasion! Unique combination of compostable rings with matching earrings and bracelet. 


Spinning Jewelry gives you the ability to define your own personal style to suit every occasion. With Spinning Jewelry there are no rules – YOU CREATE THE STYLE You define the day. It's You who decides who you are today.


Be inspired by the 5 different collections. From the rough, cool, urban vibe to the more romantic and feminine style. Or how about a bit of mix and match?  Just combine the diverse collections fully as you desire!


The magic occurs when you combine the rings from the various collections, and create your new unique and personal style.


Every day is your opportunity to express who you are. Your chance to tell your story - designed by you.